A poem about space

Infinite Horizons

In the vast expanse where stars ignite, A canvas of space, a boundless night, I find my soul in awe and grace, Exploring the cosmos, a wondrous place.

Above, the moon in silver gleam, Reflects the sun's eternal dream, A silent orb in tranquil grace, In the vastness of cosmic space.

Planets dance in celestial rhyme, In orbits timed by the hand of time, Mars in its fiery, rusted grace, Venus adorned with a radiant face.

Jupiter, a giant with storms untamed, Saturn's rings, a beauty acclaimed, Neptune's blue, a mystic embrace, In this symphony of boundless space.

Among the stars, our Sun does soar, A cosmic furnace, forevermore, Its golden rays in a fiery chase, Across the endless realms of space.

Black holes, mysterious and profound, Where gravity's force does truly astound, They devour light, leave no trace, In the enigma of cosmic space.

Galaxies, countless, in cosmic flight, Each with stars and worlds so bright, Infinite wonders to embrace, Across the tapestry of cosmic space.

And as I gaze upon this grand display, I ponder life, its intricate way, In this vast universe, our dwelling place, We find our purpose, our cosmic grace.

Infinite horizons, a cosmic sea, A timeless realm where we roam free, Let us cherish this gift, this special place, The wonders of the universe, in awe and grace.

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